ALL / HAY HANDLING / BALE HUGGERS / WORKSAVER BALE HUGGER / Rotating Bale Grabber with Double Clamping Arms LESS MOUNT


Part #: UBH-2072R
List Price: $4,152.00
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  • Includes cylinders LESS hoses and couplers
  • The bale can be rotated up to 110 degrees
  • Rated for 4 - 6 ft round bales up to 2,200#
  • Ideal for stacking bales on end
  • Saves time when unloading from a trailer

Rotating Bale Grabber with Double Clamping Arms SOLD LESS MOUNT (required), cylnders included LESS hoses & couplers

DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
832379 Solenoid Kit for Rotating Bale GrabberCall For Availability$1,170.00
DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
830120 Interface Brackets - Euro/Global Quick Attach Loaders more info ...Call For Availability$432.00
831110 Bolt On Universal Skidsteer Style Mounting Kit more info ...Call For Availability$420.00
831795 Interfacing Brackets for JD 400/500 Style Loaders more info ...Call For Availability$456.00
831860 Interfacing Brackets for JD 600/700 Style Loaders more info ...Call For Availability$648.00
830490 Bolt-on Brkts-AGCO-Allis/WHITE 656-658-676-680-682Call For Availability$264.00
830492 Bolt-on Brkts-AGCO-Allis/WHITE 676-678-686-688-780 Call For Availability$366.00
830476 Bolt-on Brkts-AGCO-Allis FL200A-FL300-FL400-FL500Call For Availability$432.00
831790 Bolt-on Brkts-AGCO-Als ST35A-ST40A-Chlg 40B-ML30ACall For Availability$264.00
830330 Bolt-on Brackets-AGCO-WHITE 1165-QA-New HollandCall For Availability$618.00
831590 Bolt-on Brackets-AGCO-WHITE 1185-QA-New HollandCall For Availability$420.00
831605 Bolt-on Brackets-AGCO-WHITE 1175-QA-New HollandCall For Availability$480.00
831600 Bolt-on Brkts-ARGO-Farm King-390-394-580-584-590Call For Availability$492.00
831650 Bolt-on Brkts-ARGO-Farm King-395-495-595-695-795Call For Availability$630.00
831720 Bolt-on Brackets-ARGO-Farm King-895-995-New HollandCall For Availability$684.00
831730 Bolt-on Brkts-ARGO-Farm King-2495-2595-2596-2795Call For Availability$642.00
831890 Bolt-on Brackets-Branson-BL10A-BL20ACall For Availability$408.00
831740 Bolt-on Brackets-Bush Hog-3226-3446Call For Availability$696.00
831670 Bolt-on Brackets-Bush Hog-2345Call For Availability$510.00
831695 Bolt-on Brkts-Bush Hog-2346-2426-2446-2846-M346Call For Availability$648.00
831680 Bolt-on Brackets-Bush Hog-2425-2440-2445Call For Availability$342.00
831625 Bolt-on Brkts-Bush Hog-3860QT-Case-IH-56L-Great Bend-Call For Availability$378.00
831630 Bolt-on Brkts-Case IH-L300-510-520-890 Skid Steer StyCall For Availability$342.00
831645 Bolt-on Brkts-Case IH-2250-2255-2350 Skid Steer StyleCall For Availability$444.00
830377 Bolt-on Brkts-Farmhand-XL740 Semi-QA & XL940Call For Availability$342.00
830370 Bolt-on Brkts-Frmhd-940 XL740-XL940 Semi-QA-XLCall For Availability$366.00
830240 Bolt-on Brackets-Farmhand-XL945-SL945Call For Availability$492.00
831705 Bolt-on Brackets-Great Bend-990Call For Availability$438.00
831685 Bolt-on Brackets-Great Bend-332Call For Availability$618.00
831535 Bolt-on Brackets-John Deere-240-245-260-265Call For Availability$522.00
831880 Bolt-on Brackets-John Deere-840-746 (800 Style CarrieCall For Availability$588.00
830355 Bolt-on Brackets-John Deere-60-70 (3/4 pins, Pin TypeCall For Availability$312.00
831575 Bolt-on Brkts-John Deere-620-640-720 (Pin Type Mount)Call For Availability$588.00
831665 Bolt-on Brkts-Kubota-1001-1002-(hook style)-LA1001-2Call For Availability$432.00
831660 Bolt-on Brackets-Kubota-LA1001 & LA1002 w/1-3/16" PnsCall For Availability$336.00
831780 Bolt-on Brackets-Kubota-LA1251-LA1301-LA1601Call For Availability$420.00
831785 Bolt-on Brackets-Kubota-LA852Call For Availability$420.00
832270 Bolt-on Brackets-Manitou-TelehandlerCall For Availability$612.00
831800 Bolt-on Brackets-Massey Ferguson (Ag)-1525 (pin styleCall For Availability$480.00
830250 Bolt-on Brackets-New Holland (Ag)-256-276-9030Call For Availability$858.00
831550 Bolt-on Brkts-Westendorf-530-560-560-570-580-CCCall For Availability$432.00
831710 Bolt-on Brackets-Westendorf-TA-(111-140-160-170-180)Call For Availability$504.00
831655 Bolt-on Brackets-Woods-320-340-345-3100-3150Call For Availability$396.00
831560 Bolt-on Brackets-Woods-Spee-D Change SeriesCall For Availability$318.00
DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
830345 Standard Pin-on Brackets - 1" PinsCall For Availability$216.00
831893 1" Lift Pin Kit (4 Pins)-use Bushing Kit 1" to 1-1/4"Call For Availability$64.00
830368 Bushing set to convert-set of 4Call For Availability$58.00
830322 - 1 - 1-1/8" Lift Pin Kit for Std. Chnl Brkts-must beCall For Availability$89.00
830323 Bushing Kit 1" to 1-3/16" - set of 4Call For Availability$58.00
830324 Bushing Kit 1" to 1-1/4" - set of 4Call For Availability$58.00
830328 Bushing Kit 1" to 1-1/2" - set of 4Call For Availability$89.00
Pin Kit - (4) Greasable pins 1.25" x 6.45"Call For Availability$107.00

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