ALL / 3 POINT IMPLEMENTS / REIST LANDSCRAPER / 60" Landscaper Base Unit (CAT I) w Box Grd Blade & Roll Pulv Reel


Part #: P60
List Price: $3,225.00
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  • Does the work of a clodbreaker/pulverizer, harrow, box grader, ripper and grass seeder.
  • Width = 60"
  • 25-40 HP Required
  • CAT I Hitch
  • Base Unit Weight = 569 lbs.
  • Weight with Harrow = 631 lbs.
  • Weight Seeder Attachment = 690 lbs.

60" Landscaper Base Unit (CAT I) comes with Box Grader Blade and Rolling Pulverizer Reel. The Reist Landscraper does the work of a clodbreaker/pulverizer, harrow, box grader, ripper and grass seeder. The Lanscaper is perfect for golf course builders, commercial landscapers, public works departments, earthscaping, construction sites, or any project requiring grading and reconditioning of a soil or gravel surface. The Landscaper can be used to "finish" an entire site.

DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
H60 - Harrow for 60" Landscaper-Hardened 5/8" square teeth at 2"Call For Availability$925.00
RIP60 - Ripper for 60" Landscaper (Fits CAT I Only)-1/2" x 2" bolt-on teethCall For Availability$1,775.00
GS60 - Grass Seeder for 60" Landscaper-Quick attach two-pin mnt sysCall For Availability$3,580.00
T60 - Tiller/PTO for 60" Landscaper-540 RPM-Self-resetting Cam ClutchCall For Availability$3,775.00
BR60 - Brush for 60" Landscaper-Adj Brush Depth w 2 top wind jacksCall For Availability$1,455.00
505560 - Smooth Roller for 60" Landscaper (In place of Pulverizer Roller)Call For Availability$730.00
LBS - Board Scraper for LandscaperCall For Availability$750.00
SRH60 - Spike Rolling Harrow for Brush for 60" for CAT I & CAT II more info ...Call For Availability$1,990.00
DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
HTC-1-8 - Hydraulic Top Link (CAT I) - 8" StrokeCall For Availability$385.00
HTC - Hydraulic Top Link (CAT II) - 10" StrokeCall For Availability$385.00
HTC14 - Hydraulic Top Link (CAT II) - 14" StrokeCall For Availability$395.00
20FEM08-NW - Ripper Cylinder - 2" x 8"Call For Availability$200.00
CYL-S - Harrow Cylinder - 2" x 5"Call For Availability$315.00
H-KIT - Hose Kit with Male Pioneer EndsCall For Availability$155.00
DescriptionAvailabilityList Price
CATIAP - Skid Steer to CAT I Quick Hitch Adapter Plate for LandscaperCall For Availability$846.00
CATIIAP - Skid Steer to CAT II Quick Hitch Adapter Plate for LandscaperCall For Availability$886.00
FMH - Skid Steer Push/Pull Hitch for LanscaperCall For Availability$1,370.00
PFMH - Skid Steer Push/Pull Hitch with Hydraulic Angling for LandscaperCall For Availability$2,650.00
1000HE - 6" (CAT I) Hitch Extension set for LanscaperCall For Availability$535.00

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